Happy New Year!

It is so difficult to believe that a whole year has again flown by! This time of the year is about family, sharing, gratitude and taking the time to reflect upon the year. One look at our full lunch table with chocolates, cookies, pastries and even hand and boot warmers; clearly demonstrates how very generous our clients are.

Speaking of family, a few years ago someone coined, “the pet campus family” as they felt that their coworkers and work environment felt like a family. It has stuck and I couldn’t be prouder of all of those who make up that family. Cooperation, communication and teamwork are pinnacles of our training program and with the good-hearted, thoughtful people who I am grateful to employ, being a family seems to come easy. So many of you, our customers, definitely share a place in our hearts as members of our extended family. Thank you to all of you who make our job so rewarding!

2018 has been one of transition in so many ways. Absolute best care of every dog (and occasional cat) in our care has always been the goal of each employee every day. This year Dylan has added a strong but very calm and gentle set of hands in the kennel. His confident and yet zen demeanor has won over many dogs who tend to be fearful of men. Best of all, Dylan is in great shape and makes a great running partner for active dogs who may get bored just walking the trails.