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​Since 1998, the Pet Campus has been

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dog, while providing a top notch education.  


A well-trained dog is a pleasure to live with and can be truly enjoyed as a companion. Dogs without structure and direction are more likely to be insecure, destructive, stressed and confused. Start your dog's education early, as puppies begin learning as young as 5 weeks of age. Enroll in our puppy program and start off right, building a well behaved adult dog.

The Pet Campus Philosophy

Scientific research shows that animals learn faster and retain more readily when taught using positive reinforcement. A successful relationship is created between dog and human by building trust and mutual understanding.


We believe in and use only humane training methods that enhance the communication between handler and dog. We teach our classes using positive-reinforcement based training and encourage the use of “people empowering” techniques in our classes. We do not use or tolerate force based nor inhumane punishment-based methods.

The Pet Campus staff recognizes that animals have a full range of emotions and a personal history. Both are taken into consideration as each staff member interacts with your pet. Our aim is to recognize the individuality of each pet and treat each pet in accordance with their individual needs in order to provide the least stress, the best possible care and the utmost happiness for them while they are in our care. Through highly qualified staff, exemplary training programs, and educated dog owners, The Pet Campus is dedicated to the relationship between dog owner, their pets, and the community.

Private Lessons in Your Home or On-Site Location  - COVID19 Outside & Masked Only

1 Hour Lesson - $95

Aggression Related Lesson, 1 Hour Lesson - $125

At your place or ours, One-on-One training with you and your dog. Specifically for dogs who are not well suited for group classes or have unique individual behavioral needs, or need behavior modification. Private lessons are available for people who want individualized attention, want to work on a particular issue, are dealing with aggression related challenges, and/or for whom evenings and weekends are not ideal. Call to schedule a meeting with a trainer 215-598-7202

Puppy Kindergarten
Puppies 10 weeks - 5 months of age 

1 hour for 5 weeks - Limit 7 Puppies - $160

​Critical Socialization, Games, Sit, Down, Walking with owner, Come, Leave It. Being a Good Puppy Parent, Learning to Learn, Laying an Awesome Foundation.​

Puppy Socials - Big Hit with the Puppies!
Puppies between 10 and 18 weeks of age and their families
Only $10 Per Puppy per evening 
  • Fridays Evenings    (6:30-7:30 PM​)
The first five months of a puppy’s life are the most important for building great adaptability and sociability. Positive and appropriate social interactions with peers helps foster future social adult dogs. Not only is play critical to healthy development for all mammals, it’s also a good deal of fun! Bring your puppy out to play! (attendees must have had minimally two rounds of shots. Rabies NOT necessary.)

Taming the Teen

Teens between 7 - 11 months of age

1 hour class for 6 weeks - limit 6 social dogs - $180

Jumping Up, Wait, Drop-It, Sit & Down/Stay, Leave It, Settle, Socialization Skills, Attention Getting Behaviors, Table manners, Frustration, Off, Self-Control. Calm the savage beast in your dog. (pre-requisite Puppy Kindergarten)

Basic Obedience Drop In Class

Sorry, Not available this semester

1 hour class on a 6 week rotation - limit 8 dogs - $20 per class

Instead of a six week commitment, Basic Obedience is now being taught on a drop in/buy one class at a time basis. This class has been broken down into six weeks of original content that will cover one or two topics thoroughly per meeting. For instance, one week will focus on Stay only – from starting to teach Stay to having a dog Stay with distractions. The drop in class format is designed to provide clients high quality content and the help they need on the specific topics that are being featured that night with the most convenience.


Class topics will include: Sit & Down, Leash Manners, Focusing & More Leash, Stay, Come, and Trainer Surprise. Just stop in with your social dog and enjoy working on the topic(s) of the night or call the office 215-598-7202 and ask which week the topic you are most interested in will be highlighted.

Focus and Team Building

Sorry, Not available this semester

1 hour class for 6 weeks - limit 6 dogs - $160

For building better team work between dog/owner, best for building a strong, reliable connection, especially for Taming the Teen or Basic Obedience graduates. This class is the groundwork for years of enjoyment with your dog. We will work on increasing attention, motivation, consistency, reliability and especially self control.​​​

Leadership Class - Advanced Obedience
Sorry, Not available this semester
1 hour class for 6 weeks - limit 7 dogs - $160

A.K.A. Advanced Obedience. This class is a great continuation class to strengthen your relationship, work toward off leash skills, fine tune training techniques, and learn to increase your dog’s focus and reliability. Prerequisite: Basic Obedience , Fun & Games or Taming the Teen.

Rally Obedience Class
1 hour class for 6 weeks - limit 5 dogs - $140
Sorry, Not available this semester
Rally Obedience was developed as a hybrid of formal obedience and agility. Participating teams are encouraged to communicate and work together in a fun and positive manner. The most important skills for Rally are focusing and a good foundation of training and relationship. This class is heavy in heeling and working as a team. Great continuing class.​
Canine Good Citizen Class
Saturday April 10th
1 hour class for 4 weeks - limit 6 dogs - $90
The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen certification is a precursor for most therapy dog tests and is a great way to show the world that your dog is exceptional. The first three weeks of class are spent reviewing the test and preparing for the fourth week of actually taking the test.
Confidence Class
Sorry, Not available this semester
1 hour class for 6 weeks - limit 6 dogs - $160
Designed specifically for dogs who are timid, anxious and/or fearful. Excellent for timid puppies. Increase your dog’s confidence through physical, mental, environmental and social challenges. Good starter class for rescue dogs.
Leash Reactive Dog Class
Sorry, Not available this semester
1 hour class for 6 weeks - limit 5 dogs - $175
Does your dog, growl, bark and lunge at other dogs during your walks? Has your dog had a bad experience with another dog that has made your dog increasingly anxious now around other dogs? Specifically for the management of canine aggression toward other dogs while on leash. Handling techniques, learning the warning signs, managing fear related responses, reduce the barking and lunging, etc.​
Total Recall
Sorry, Not available this semester
1 hour class for 5 weeks - limit 6 dogs - $130
We’ll spend five weeks focusing on perfecting your dog’s recall and getting your dog to fly back to you when called. Attention at a distance, appropriate use of body language, the importance of vocalizations, pulling your dog away from significant distractions, etc. (social dogs only)​
Nothin’ But Leash
Sorry, Not available this semester
1 hour class for 5 weeks - limit 6 dogs - $130
Walking your dog should be a pleasure. This course will address pulling on leash, pacing back & forth, sniffing, teaching heel & overall leash manners. When you want more than just a piece of equipment!​
Have any questions? Not sure which class is best for you and your dog? Prefer Private One-on-Ones? Give us a call anytime 215-598-7202

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