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Dog Training

In Your Home or at The Pet Campus

Get your dog’s PhD at The Pet Campus!

​Since 1998, the Pet Campus has been

keeping your relationship strong with your

dog, while providing a top notch education.  


A well-trained dog is a pleasure to live with and can be truly enjoyed as a companion. Dogs without structure and direction are more likely to be insecure, destructive, stressed and confused. Start your dog's education early, as puppies begin learning as young as 5 weeks of age. Enroll in our puppy program and start off right, building a well behaved adult dog.

The Pet Campus Philosophy

Scientific research shows that animals learn faster and retain more readily when taught using positive reinforcement. A successful relationship is created between dog and human by building trust and mutual understanding.


We believe in and use only humane training methods that enhance the communication between handler and dog. We teach our classes using positive-reinforcement based training and encourage the use of “people empowering” techniques in our classes. We do not use or tolerate force based nor inhumane punishment-based methods.

Meet Donna Kummer:  Click Here

Private Lessons in Your Home or On-Site Location 

1 Hour Lesson - $85

At your place or ours, One-on-One training with you and your dog. Specifically for dogs who are not well suited for group classes or have unique individual behavioral needs, or need behavior modification. Private lessons are available for people who want individualized attention, want to work on a particular issue, are dealing with aggression related challenges, and/or for whom evenings and weekends are not ideal. Call to schedule a meeting with a trainer 215-598-7202

Puppy Kindergarten
Puppies 10 weeks - 5 months of age 

1 hour for 5 weeks - limit 7 Puppies - $170

​Critical Socialization, Games, Sit, Down, Walking with owner, Come, Leave It. Being a Good Puppy Parent, Learning to Learn, Laying an Awesome Foundation.​

Taming the Teen

Teens between 7 - 11 months of age

1 hour class for 6 weeks - limit 6 social dogs - $180

Jumping Up, Wait, Drop-It, Sit & Down/Stay, Leave It, Settle, Socialization Skills, Attention Getting Behaviors, Table manners, Frustration, Off, Self-Control. Calm the savage beast in your dog. (pre-requisite Puppy Kindergarten)

Beyond The Basics

1 hour class for 6 weeks - limit 6 social dogs - $180.00

Specifically for teen class graduates or older dogs who have had some training. Refining basic command, increasing reliability. Focusing heavily on leash manners, come and stay. 

Have any questions? Not sure which class is best for you and your dog? Prefer Private One-on-Ones? Give us a call anytime 215-598-7202

Please fill out our Training Forms and email or bring to The Pet Campus.

The Pet Campus Training Registration Form

The Pet Campus Training Release Form


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