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July 4th Precautions to Help Your Dog Feel Safer

Independence Day! Annually, we as a nation celebrate our cessation from Britain. Picnics, pool parties, family, fun on the beach and lots of fireworks are just some of the many traditions that we have become accustom. For our dogs, however, July 4th is one of the scariest days of the year.

Did you know that in October of 2017 Pennsylvania legalized the sale of large fireworks? Can you imagine resting on your bed as the night begins to come to an end, everyone is home, the TV is on, and suddenly BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! There are flashes of light at the window and another BOOM! Just two doors away a neighbor is setting off fireworks toward your back yard. You can just look out the window and see that it is kind of pretty and kind of really loud and annoying. But how does your dog know they are safe and those loud sounds are okay?

Did you know that July 4th is the number one day of the year for lost dogs? Imagine another dog home alone with a dog door or outside in a fenced yard while owners go to a family gathering. Again the close neighbor starts lighting off fireworks. The dog panics, and frantic to get away escapes the yard. Maybe once the sonic sounds end, the dog will find it’s way home. Maybe in an over stimulated panic, the dog tries to cross a busy street and never finds it’s way home.

Keep your dog safe this holiday. Keep them home safely shut inside. Use a Thundershirt, rescue remedy, calming treats, or even medication from your vet if your dog suffers from phobias of loud noises. If you have plans and can’t be home, if your dog loves their crate, use it and leave the TV on louder than usual. Although most of us humans are awed and inspired by a grand firework display, majority of our dogs don’t share our enthusiasm.

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