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"I never worry when I leave my dog or cat at      

The Pet Campus!"

All dogs long to be with their human pack. When a pet's family needs to travel and the dog can't make the trip, the separation is felt by everyone. Bring your family member to The Pet Campus, Inc. and let us take care of them as our own.


The Pet Campus, Inc. has indoor/outdoor rooms as well as small dog accommodations. Many of our staff is First Aid certified and trained to administer medications as necessary - at no additional fee.


We provide comfy beds and bedding, interactive toys, mid-day snacks and high quality nutritional food. Although we stock a high quality brand of dog food, we encourage you to bring your dog's special diet or regular food if they are sensitive to food changes. You are also welcome to bring bedding, toys and objects to make your pet's stay enjoyable.

Boarding clients are also offered additional services including going for a walk, playtime with a person and the dog's favorite toy, or they may be evaluated for social time with other dogs.


Services and Accommodations​

  • Spacious indoor/outdoor accommodations

  • Fully heated and air conditioned

  • Individualized attention

  • Bed-time out-to-Empty, biscuits and kisses

  • No fee for administration of medication or personal food

  • Socialization options (only after evaluation)

  • Dog running service*

  • Dog walk service*

  • Training options*

* Extra fee applies

The Pet Campus also boards a few cats. Please call for availability.​

Vaccination Information

Any dog vaccinated against kennel cough or canine flu is not welcome to visit us for 2 weeks. Applies to all dogs no matter what services you are using: boarding, grooming, day care and training. Rabies vaccination is required for boarding. A current rabies certificate signed by a vet is necessary for each dog boarding on the property. Frequent visitors should be vaccinated against kennel cough. Vaccinate during off-times of the year such as mid-spring for summer time boarding.


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