Pesticide Pills

Did you happen to see the FDA notice last September concerning internal flea and tick treatments? The FDA is now reporting that those convenient chewable pills of neurotoxin are actually likely to be causing neurological issues and behavior problems in dogs. “Dogs and cats with no known prior medical history of muscle tremors, ataxia, and seizures have experienced those adverse reactions to this class of flea and tick preventive pesticides.”

To that I say, No Dah! I said the same thing three years ago. The first question I find myself asking training clients that are concerned with aggression from their dogs is, “what type of flea and tick preventative are you using?”

The FDA is not removing internal flea and tick preventatives from the market, instead they will all have to carry an FDA warning on their packaging.

“a toxic load to the brain with Fluralaner in dogs cannot be ruled out clearly: fluralaner has an inhibitory effect on the nervous system of fleas and ticks by blocking the nerve impulses to the cell memebranes. The parasites are paralyzed and die from it.” (About bravecto and fluralaner by Dr. Frauke Garbers, biologist)