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The Paw Spa

Professional Grooming

& Day Spa


The Pet Campus Grooming and Day Spa is so much more than just grooming. We also work in conjunction with your vet to heal your dog's skin issues. The Pet Campus uses the highest quality natural products from all over the world to make your dog's skin and coat the most luxurious and healthiest it can possibly be. We even create formulations in house with herbs and essential oils using natural organic ingredients for a more holistic approach.

Our skilled professional dog groomers are trained to the highest standards in dog care. We have a zero tolerance policy to anyone on our staff who does not comply with our gentle care procedures and safety precautions. Rest assured your dog is in the best hands at the Pet Campus Spa.

Grooming prices are based on the breed, the condition of the coat, and the services desired. Please call us or stop by and talk to us about your needs.

Bath and Brush

A full array of biodegradable shampoos and conditioners for every coat. Includes cleaning ears, massaging shampoo, conditioner, drying, complete detangling, cutting all toe nails, trimming feet and face as needed or as specified for the breed, and fragrance.

Full Groom

A full groom includes all of the services of a Bath & Brush along with breed-specific clipping and styling.

Doggy Spa Day

Treat your dog to a complete spoiling. Ozone bath, deep clean with mineral rich shampoo and whole body massage, sumptuous conditioning w/ warm towel wrap, blow dry, nail trim with grinding, paw softening treatment, ear cleaning with citrus fresh flaps, full body enrichment.​

  • Small Dog 6-24 lbs $65

  • Medium Dog 25-50 lbs $72

  • Large Dog 50-75 lbs $80

  • XL Dog 75 lbs & Up $80

Breed Specific Grooming added to a spa day appointment will incur an additional fee. (Usually $10 - $20 depending on breed)

Facial Treatments

  • Stinky Beard – Anti-bacterial scrub, de-matt, detox mask, essential oil rinse, conditioning glaze. $12

  • Clay Mask – Mineral rich micronized clay mask for deep cleaning. $6

  • Anti-Fungal Facial for Folds – Alkaline wipes, anti-fungal cream shampoo, pH balance conditioner, drying agent. $6

Foot Treatments

  • Toe Anti-Fungal – Alkaline soak, antifungal cream shampoo soak, tea tree rinse, drying. $12

  • Pad Protection - For dry cracked pads - conditioning foot soak, moisture balm massage, drying, sealing with pad wax. $10

  • Itchy Allergy Feet – Anti-bacterial soak and scrub, clay mask, mineral rich shampoo, pH balance conditioning. $15

Nail Treatments

No appointment is necessary to just clip your dog's nails before 3 pm, Monday-Friday. Please call for availability on Saturdays.

  • Perfect Paws – Nail trim and dremel, hair removal and shaping, pad moisturizing. $18

  • Toe Nail Cut Back Program – Biweekly scheduled nail trims to work back toe -nails that have gotten excessively long. $14 initial $10/visit every 2 wks

  • Toe Nail Counter-Conditioning – Recovery program for dog’s who used to be good for nail trims but due to bad experiences are no longer cooperative. $12 initial $8/visit until full nail trim

Toe Nail Counterconditioning

Is it impossible to cut your dog’s nails? One bad experience with a toe nail trim can make all future attempts at pedicures downright impossible. Through repeated visits and lots of positive experiences, it is possible to bring your dog back to a place of safety and confidence when it comes time for a nail trim. Counter conditioning schedules are individualized and based on your dog’s level of fear and reactivity. Please call for an estimate 215-589-7202

Eye Treatments

  • Sad Eyes – Brown or red tear stains. Ideal for white dogs. Warm compress, mineral mask, gentle cleansing, drying and moisturizing. $8

  • Thorough Eye Cleanse – Warm compress, gentle thorough cleansing, saline rinse, trimming of excess hair. $4


Ear Treatments

  • Warm Compress, thorough cleanse and wipe, remove hair from underside of ear flap, ear flap moisture restore and freshening. $8

Skin Ailment Specific Treatments for Allergies, Fleas, Eczema, Fungus and Hot Spots

Holistic product-driven processes are implemented to create healthier skins and coats. Scientifically based to enhance and accentuate the healing process from allergies, hot spots, fungus, bacteria, fleas, and eczema. Please feel free to ask your groomer which treatment is right for your pet. She wants to help!

Ozone Therapy

The Pet Campus, Inc. is pleased to announce that we now offer state-of-the art Hydro-Massage Ozone Skin Therapies for pets. This technologically advanced pet skin therapy is more than just oxygenated bubbles but an actual skin therapy machine that generates ozone to treat skin conditions. Ozone is the most powerful and rapid acting oxidizer man can produce and will oxidize all bacteria, mold and yeast spores, organic material and viruses. With Hydro-Massage Ozone therapies, it means we can successfully treat allergies, fungus, seborrhea, hair loss, itchy skin and much, much more while using the highest quality Italian pet skin products and treatment options.

  • Ozone Alone $45

  • Ozone add-on with groom or bath $30


Grooming Rehab Program

For dogs who have been traumatized from previous grooming experiences or denied services at a previous grooming facility. We take small steps and move slowly to build your dog’s confidence to make bathing and grooming a safe and pleasurable experience!

Shed Stopper

Is your dog's spring or fall undercoat shedding all over the house? It’s important to remove all the dead hair from the coat as it can clump up against the skin, create mats and inhibit healthy skin oxygenation. Don’t let your dog’s blowing coat leave piles all around your house. Schedule a seasonal shed stopper appointment and let us take care of all that hair. Your vacuum and your dog’s coat will thank you.​ Appointment includes; thorough pre-brushing, specialty shampoo, high speed dryer, after shampoo moisturizing spray, dry brush out with Furminator, and finishing shed stopper spray.

Healthy Glow

Give The Pet Campus a call to schedule your dog’s moisture restoring spa treatment.

Many dogs develop dry skin during the winter months. Is your dog itching or experiencing dry, flaky skin? They might be suffering from dry skin or seasonal allergies. To help resolve these issues we offer a soothing Aloe bath that is Hypoallergenic and helps tremendously with dogs plagued with constant scratching. By massaging in specifically designed shampoo, spot treating and drying with cool heat, the moisture can be restored to your dog’s skin.

Joint Support Treatment

Relaxing, effervescent, mineral rich, warm ozone bath with salicylic acid additive. Oxygen rich bath helps blood flow and assists in reducing inflammation. Great for enhancing healing of soft tissue injuries and temporary relief of arthritis in older dogs. $48

Whole Body Add-Ons for Baths or Full Grooming

  • Healthy Glow - hot oil wrap and deep moisturizing for a restored shiny coat. $15

  • Heavenly Healthy Glow - antioxidant rich avocado wrap, specialty oil soak, finishing with argon oil shampoo & conditioner to add a rich shine. $25

  • Seasonal De-shed – Thorough brush out, specialty shampoo/conditioning, high-speed blower, secondary brush out, keratin/moisture spray, Furmination. $20

  • Allergy Detox - Full body skin detox wrap, health restoring mineral shampoo, pH balance conditioning. $15

  • Full Body Super Detox – Mineral rich clay mask, detox wrap, exfoliation, restorative shampoo, pH balance conditioning. $30

  • Hot Spot – Thorough cleansing, coat isolation, cooling serum, anti-itch spray. $10

  • Grease Relief – Focused deep cleansing with degreasing shampoo, specialty conditioning, skin nourishing spray. $6

The Pet Campus Guarantee

What you can expect from us -​

  • You can expect your dog to be clean, knot-free looking his/her best with shortened toe nails and clean ears. If you are not happy with any aspect of the groom, please tell us immediately; if possible, by showing us on your dog the changes you would like to see the next time.

  • We keep detailed information to insure that future grooms are consistent and reflect your wishes.

  • We will tell you if we find skin problems, new lumps, hot spots or other health issues.

  • We may recommend that you take your dog to a vet for a particular issue.​


       Monday - Friday  (8:00 am - 6:00 pm​)

       Saturday (8:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Note: All pets must have a rabies vaccination on record prior to entering The Pet Campus. First time grooming clients, please fill out a new grooming customer form and submit it to us prior or bring to first visit.​​

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