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Thanksgiving Feast with your Beast

A safe guide to sharing your Thanksgiving meal with your dog.

Safe to share with your dog: turkey meat turkey heart, liver and gizzard raw or cooked turkey neck raw only - NEVER cooked green beans carrots turnips pumpkin walnuts fresh finely chopped cranberries plain baked or sweet potatoes For a delicious treat, try Honest kitchen’s Pumpkin Spice Latte (available at The Pet Campus) Share if you want to create loose stools: gravy juice from the bottom of the turkey pan turkey skin small pieces of sage sausage mushroom sauce in the green bean casserole mashed potatoes piece of pumpkin pie whipped cream cheese cake Don’t share with your dog: Stuffing - too many carbs and onions cooked bones - especially those left on the stove (while the family nods off in front of the TV) marshmallow stuffed sweet potatoes canned cranberry sauce

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

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