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Hello from Donna and Pinto Bean

    My Story

    Donna has been interested in and connected to animals her entire life. She discovered the joy of dog training as a child when her parents got a black lab puppy named, Midnight.  Donna took an active role in both the raising and training of Midnight and was originally introduced to The Pet Campus when she had her family attended multiple training classes. Through this experience Donna learned how much a dog can learn and the beautiful relationship that can be formed between humans and dogs through positive reinforcement. 

    While achieving her Psychology degree Donna began teaching group dog training classes close to her home. In her spare time she would continue to research positive reinforcement and even wrote her senior thesis on the negative effects of punishment in dog training. This experience cemented for Donna that positive reinforcement is the most humane training philosophy and the basis for her future training methods for both her clients and her own dogs. 

    After graduation Donna continued training dogs and focused more on in-home private training but missed the dynamics of group classes. In 2021, Donna reached out to Wendy and asked if there was any possibility of doing any teaching of group classes. A few months later, she returned to The Pet Campus to work with pet parents on raising their dogs to be good dogs and members of the community. Donna believes that through training we create a strong relationship with our dogs which leads to a more fulfilling life for both the dog and the humans.

    Donna is teaching limited group classes, helping dog owners with in-home lessons and helping in the boarding kennel. Donna’s energy and experience have been very welcome and appreciated by both The Pet Campus and satisfied training clients. 


    I'm always looking for new and exciting dog training experiences. Let's connect and enhance your dog/human relationship.


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