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Did You Know?

Did you know that more than a year ago, The Pet Campus, Inc. made a change with all of our cleaning products?

All of the commonly used dish and laundry soap were bought and used daily without consideration to their impact on the health of those who they came in contact with or the environment. It was always assumed that kennel specialty cleaning products were needed to maintain a clean, healthy facility.

Years and years of harsh chemicals that were not only bad for the environment but who’s fumes irritated the mucous membranes of the staff and undoubtedly the dogs. Even natural, biodegradable, citrus-based products were too strong.

In January of 2017 we used up, or gave away, all of our cleaning products and began using Melaleuca products exclusively for cleaning, dishes and laundry. The Melaleuca products work great, smell lovely, and are much more biologically friendly. Not only does the staff breathe better but the decision has proven good for all of the canine visitors as well.

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