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Puppy Prodigy 3  This semester is geared toward puppies ages 16 to 22 weeks, a critical time in the development of dogs while they are still cute but quietly transitioning into adolescence. The class tenaciously and tenderly tackles the pending teenager with education, creating a solid training foundation for your dog's entire life.


This class refreshes and reviews semester 1 and 2 behaviors. Semester 3 includes, stay, leash, manners, find It, patiently wait, car, recall, and enrichment hidden. The class goes on further to include a walk in the park and basics in the real world.


This package includes an enrichment item, as well as one free pass to Friday Night Puppy Socials and one free professional grooming or bath at The Pet Campus Doggy Spa. To schedule your Puppy In-Home training, please call The Pet Campus office 215-598-7202.

Puppy Prodigy, Semester 3

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