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Doggy DayCare

Daycare Pet Campus Fun!


The Pet Campus Daycare is focused on providing a safe social environment for dogs to enjoy while making friends! We know that dogs who have good social skills with both other animals and people, are not only good pets but welcomed members of society.

Every dog benefits from...

Something to do while the family is at school or work

Creative safe outlets for their juvenile energy

Time with their peers

Constructive mental stimulation

Lots of attention and exercise

Why should you bring your dog to The Pet Campus doggy daycare?


Most of today’s common canine behavior problems are a result of boredom, lack of exercise, lack of positive socialization and/or lack of training. Dogs are social animals and thrive in environments that meet their physical, mental and emotional needs. Daycare enables an already social dog to practice good social skills with other dogs. Puppies that attend day care learn from the adult dogs and other puppies how to be socially appropriate. Lessons learned from other dogs like bite inhibition help owners to teach their puppies not to bite; even in play.

The value of a well-socialized dog is immeasurable. Good social skills with both people and other dogs enhances a dog’s self-confidence, provides them more freedom, and enriches their relationship with their human family. Most of all, getting together with canine friends and chewing on ears, playing chase or bumper cars, and slobbering on one another is just plain fun!

Doggy Daycare

Monday-Friday 8 am - 6 pm

Half Day Daycare (4 hours or less) $18

Half Day Daycare with Grooming or Boarding $16

Full Day Daycare $35

5 Day Package M-F $150

10 Day Package $300

20 Day Package $600

30 Day Package $800

After hours late pick-up fee will be calculated as follows:

$10 – between 6:31 and 6:35

$20 - between 6:36 and 6:49

$25 - between 6:50 and 7:00  

After 7 the dog will be held overnight at a fee of $45.00

Please download and fill out our Daycare Forms and email or bring in.

Daycare Policies and Procedures

Daycare Agreement

Daycare Application

* Please note: All dogs require a Pet Campus evaluation prior to being placed into Daycare to ensure the safety and compatibility of all dogs

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