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Dog Boarding at The Pet Campus

  • Boarding
  • Boarding
  • Social
  • Staff
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Services & Accommodations

  • Spacious indoor/outdoor accommodations
  • Fully heated and air conditioned
  • Individualized Attention
  • Bed-time Out-to-Empty, Biscuits and Kisses
  • No fee for medication or Personal Food
  • Dog Walk Service
  • Dog Running Service
  • Training Options
  • Socialization Options (Only After Evaluation)

Visit us anytime between 10a.m. and 5p.m. Monday through Friday; Saturday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. for pricing information on Additional Boarding Services and to see the Kennel. We are closed to the public on Monday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. for staff enrichment.


  • Dogs - $35.00 per evening
  • 2 Dogs sharing the same accommodations - $48.00 per evening
  • Cats - $14.00 per evening
  • 2 Cats sharing the same accommodations - $20.00 per evening

Cancellation Policy

For all reservations taken for boarding, the staff is going to request a non-refundable deposit via a credit card or check. The deposit will be processed the day the reservation is made and credited toward the boarding. We have upgraded our computer system to accommodate this change. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • 2 to 3 nights stay - $35.00
  • 4 to 8 nights stay - $70.00
  • 9+ nights - $120.00


At The Pet Campus, Inc. we believe in providing a very social atmosphere for our canine clients. We know that dogs who have good social skills with both other animals and people, are not only good pets but welcomed members of society. Day Care is obviously focused on providing a social environment, but our boarding facility also provides a social context.

Boarding clients are offered additional services which include going for a walk, playtime with a person and the dog's favorite toy, or they may select to be evaluated for social time with other dogs. Even the boarding accommodations provide social opportunities.

Although the dogs have solid walls on the inside of their kennel space to provide peace and privacy, the outside of their runs is chain link, so they can see the rest of the boarding dogs. Most dogs make friends with their neighbors; if neighbors don't get along, they are switched around to other runs until peace is restored.


Continuing education is an essential component of any field in industry and the pet care business is no different. We strongly believe in learning new trends, expanding our realm of canine understanding and continually striving to improve the quality of our business.

Providing educational opportunities for our staff is not viewed as a drain on our profits but a necessary part supporting our employee's personal development. Day Care and Boarding workers have attended workshops on canine behavior, canine care and management, as well as learning canine social skills.

Our Groomers attend grooming seminars and workshops that may appeal to them. We send our Trainers to multiple workshops throughout the year as their continued education is essential to their every day activities. Even the Office staff has attended computer learning classes at the local community college to facilitate their proficiency behind the desk. Your never to too old or too young to learn!


Stuffed Kong - $5.00 per Kong
Your dog can lick the weary hours away with a scrumptious frozen stuffed Kong toy. Great enrichment device for dogs who require a lot of stimulation mentally and tastily.
* Kong Stuffed with your dogs special diet - $7.00 /Kong

Go for a Walk - $5.00 per Outing
A stroll around our nine acres with a thoughtful companion who stops at all the best sniffing spots.

Playtime with a Human Friend - $5.00 per Outing
Chase a ball, a Frisbee or your dog's favorite toy around the yard with an energetic human playmate.

Playtime with Other Dogs - $5.00 per Outing
Socially appropriate dogs having a good time with each other. Approved Day Care dogs and dogs who have been previously evaluated for play time only.

First time boarding clients can be evaluated during a 3 day or more boarding stay for a one time $90.00 evaluation fee. Once the dog is approved he/she is welcome to particpate in playtime with other dogs each time they are our guest.


Any dog vaccinated against kennel cough or canine flu is not welcome to visit us for 2 weeks. Applies to all dogs no matter what services you are using: boarding, grooming, day care and training. Rabies vaccination is required for boarding. A current rabies certificate signed by a vet is necessary for each dog boarding on the property. Frequent visitors should be vaccinated against kennel cough. Vaccinate during off-times of the year such as mid-spring for summer time boarding.